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Gay Lussac Federation

The Gay Lussac Federation regroups 20 French engineering schools specialised in chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as having 5 of its own “Classes préparatoires”

Info Chimie

Everything there is to know about organic and biological chemistry, as well as the latest news relating to the petrochemical industry, agrochemistry, and the rubber and polymer industry with expert journalists of the chemical industry magazine.


Internship and first employment opportunities, CV deposits. iQuesta also offers to publish academic writings - thesis and memoirs.

Journal des Grandes Ecoles

Universities and Engineerings’ schools Portal

Le Monde

Leading information website. News articles covering subjects live: International news, France news, Society, Economy, Culture, Environment, blogs…


L’Etudiant is a magazine specialised in student life, student jobs, student lodging and especially student orientation.

L’intelli’agence: ABG

Promotes closer ties between the economic and academic worlds, promotes the mobility of PhD graduates, accompanies firms for PhD recruitments, supports and buttresses higher education establishments.

Pour la Science

Content-rich articles signed by some of the best researchers in all fields of current science

Société Chimique de France - Le réseau des Chimistes

The SCF offers chemistry services, a calendar of chemistry-related events, employment opportunities, registries, thematic files…


Thousands of employment and internship opportunities, as well as VIEs, alternance, and apprenticeship and professionalisation contracts.