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Conferences and prestations

Conferences are, on the other hand, exclusively for individual companies. They offer firms the opportunity to present a research theme or any other theme related to the industrial and scientific community, or even a profession. Companies may be present at this type of conference even should they not have a stand on the day of the forum.

Conferences last about fifty minutes each and may be given in the language of your choice.

The association Forum Horizon Chimie provides rooms equipped with a screen, an overhead projector, and computer equipment, for your convenience in both the conferences and company presentations. Participating in this type of presentation also allows you to have a link on the forum’s website. Indeed, these presentations are a good way of promoting your company and broadening visitors' horizons. Moreover, it contributes to the dynamism of the Forum.


One day in a company

One day in a company, “Une Journée en Entreprise” (1JE) in French, is an opportunity :
- For you to have students with relevant profiles to your requirements discover your company,
- For the students to discover aspects of their future job.

In 2016 and 2017, this activity was very much appreciated by visitors thanks to the participation of AkzoNobel, ArcelorMittal, ARKEMA, Saint-Gobain, LAVOIX, ERAMET, IMCD, Michelin  in 2016, then of IMCD, AkzoNobel, Givaudan, Eramet and Arkema .

To take part in this operation, you are invited to pass on to us the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the engineers who could welcome interested Forum visitors. Candidates will leave us their CV and will fill in a motivation survey during the forum. They will be then selected according to your criteria, by either you or our own team.


Consulting area

This stand’s purpose is to create a privileged contact area between future graduates, recruitment professionals and industrials.

This pole is based around four activities :
- Resume reviewing,
- Mock Interviews (S.E.E.),
- Round table conferences: students and professionals from various backgrounds (recruitment specialists and industrialists) meet to speak about various themes concerning employment and the business world,
- Graphology: professionals analyse handwriting in detail, in order to identify some points of the student’s personality.

Horizon Chimie Dinner

Every year, the Forum Horizon Chimie is followed by a prestigious dinner with future graduates of the organizing schools. The Horizon Chimie Dinner will take place the night of February the 9th 2017 at 7.30pm at the “Maison des Polytechniciens”, 12 rue de Poitiers 75007 Paris. The “Maison des Polytechniciens” is located about 10 min from the Forum away on foot.

This dinner is an opportunity for students of the four organizing schools to meet your engineers and/or Human Resources managers in a more friendly atmosphere. Students, managers and engineers will be placed around round tables of about 10 people each, thus facilitating discussion.

The dinner is preceded by a cocktail during which students will be encouraged to  mingle with engineers and Human Resources managers. The Dinner itself should last until 11.00pm.

As a participating firm, you are already guaranteed two invitations. We will contact you in December to send invitations to the interested members of your staff.

Opening to the International Community ...

Each year, the Forum hosts many English speaking companies as well as French ones. Today, with the increase of globalisation, we are also opening towards German speaking countries, including of course Germany, a world leader in chemistry, but also Switzerland and Austria. We are currently in touch with German companies, allowing us to increase the possibilities of internships and job offers and give the forum a more European dimension.

... and to a wider public

Our Communication Team has two main goals, namely promoting the Forum within the organising schools, but also cultivating the awareness of other students, from different universities and engineering schools, of the importance of an event like the Forum Horizon Chimie.


Our aim is to open this forum to a larger public to bring a bigger diversity in visitors and thus more varied profiles.