The Team

The association Forum Horizon Chimie is made up of four committees, each from a school of the Gay Lussac Federation - Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI Paris, ENSIC, and ECPM.

These four committees are managed by the head committee, with seven positions: one president, four vice-presidents (one per school), an accountant, and a secretary.

Elections are held every year for every position in each committee in order to prepare for each new edition of the forum.

The head committee

Fhc bureau

Mélanie JASPART (President, ENSIC)

Laurène MICHAUD (Vice-President, ENSIC)
Marylore ADLER (Vice-President, ESPCI Paris)
Cécilia TEL (Vice-President, Chimie ParisTech)
Maud DELAGE (Vice-President, ECPM)

The Chimie ParisTech commitee

Fhc chimie paris 2018

Cécilia TEL (Vice-President and in charge of International Moduling)

Clémence TAFANI (Journée en Entreprises member)

Alix DELION (Journée en Entreprises member)

Axel BOSSAVIT (Journée en Entreprises member)

Carole KELLER (Journée en Entreprises member)

Mariette DE SENTENAC (In charge of Journée en Entreprises)

Corentin CHAVATTE (Prospection)

Nicolas SHUN (Prospection)

Alexis CANTALICE (In charge of Prospection)

Lise VASSART (Communication)

Anaïs DELADRIERE (Horizon Chimie Diner)

The ESPCI committee

Fhc espci 2018

Marylore ADLER (Vice-President)
Valentin OLLIER (Press)
Louis BRIMONT (Press)
Louis WAQUIER (Logistics)
Justine HADJERCI (Logistics)
Héloïse HANNART (Lunch Arrangements)
Pierre LEHERICEY (Buffer Zone)

The ENSIC Committee

Fhc nancy

Laurène MICHAUD (Vice-President)
Sarah CHEVRIER (Conventions)
Lionel DIEUDONNE ROMINGER (Conventions) 
Clarisse SAMSON (Graphic design and Printing)
Laure WETTERWALD (Graphic design and Printing)
Hélène GUILBERT (Simulation of  Interviews)
Yen BUI (Professional Pictures)

The ECPM Committee

Fhc ecpm

Maud DELAGE (Vice-President)
Claire KOENIG (Handicafé)
Mathilde MASCLES (Conferences)
Danyu LIU (Conferences) 
Hermine BERTHON (Conferences)
Laetitia DE NADAI (Company relations - English-speaking firms)
Clarisse GOSSET ERARD (Company relations - English-speaking firms)
Markus BLUMBERG (Company relations - German-speaking firms)
Kilian ENGELKE (Company relations - German-speaking firms)
Lisa ROYER (Communication)
Aurélia YAKOUBI (Main sponsor relations)