The 2018 Team

The association Forum Horizon Chimie is made up of four committees, each from a school of the Gay Lussac Federation - Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI Paris, ENSIC, and ECPM.

These four committees are managed by the head committee, with seven positions: one president, four vice-presidents (one per school), an accountant, and a secretary.

Elections are held every year for every position in each committee in order to prepare for each new edition of the forum.

The head committee

Fhc bureau
  • Mélanie JASPART (President, ENSIC)
  • Lauren BORTOLOTTI-MARCHAL (Secretary, ECPM)
  • Laurène MICHAUD (Vice-President, ENSIC)
  • Marylore ADLER (Vice-President, ESPCI Paris)
  • Cécilia TEL (Vice-President, Chimie ParisTech)
  • Maud DELAGE (Vice-President, ECPM)

The Chimie ParisTech commitee

Fhc chimie paris 2018

  • Cécilia TEL (Vice-President and in charge of International Moduling)
  • Clémence TAFANI (Journée en Entreprises member)
  • Alix DELION (Journée en Entreprises member)
  • Axel BOSSAVIT (Journée en Entreprises member)
  • Carole KELLER (Journée en Entreprises member)
  • Mariette DE SENTENAC (In charge of Journée en Entreprises)
  • Corentin CHAVATTE (Prospection)
  • Nicolas SHUN (Prospection)
  • Alexis CANTALICE (In charge of Prospection)
  • Lise VASSART (Communication)
  • Anaïs DELADRIERE (Horizon Chimie Diner)

The ESPCI committee

Fhc espci 2018
  • Marylore ADLER (Vice-President)
  • Valentin OLLIER (Press)
  • Louis BRIMONT (Press)
  • Sophie COUVREUR (IT)
  • Louis WAQUIER (Logistics)
  • Justine HADJERCI (Logistics)
  • Héloïse HANNART (Lunch Arrangements)
  • Pierre LEHERICEY (Buffer Zone)

The ENSIC Committee

Fhc nancy
  • Laurène MICHAUD (Vice-President)
  • Clara MASSON-VANCOSTENOBLE (Accountant)
  • Sarah CHEVRIER (Conventions)
  • Lionel DIEUDONNE ROMINGER (Conventions) 
  • Clarisse SAMSON (Graphic design and Printing)
  • Laure WETTERWALD (Graphic design and Printing)
  • Hélène GUILBERT (Simulation of  Interviews)
  • Yen BUI (Professional Pictures)

The ECPM Committee

Fhc ecpm
  • Maud DELAGE (Vice-President)
  • Lauren BORTOLOTTI-MARCHAL (Secretary)
  • Claire KOENIG (Handicafé)
  • Mathilde MASCLES (Conferences)
  • Danyu LIU (Conferences) 
  • Hermine BERTHON (Conferences)
  • Laetitia DE NADAI (Company relations - English-speaking firms)
  • Clarisse GOSSET ERARD (Company relations - English-speaking firms)
  • Markus BLUMBERG (Company relations - German-speaking firms)
  • Kilian ENGELKE (Company relations - German-speaking firms)
  • Lisa ROYER (Communication)
  • Aurélia YAKOUBI (Main sponsor relations)