As part of their joint actions to bring the worlds of business and higher education closer together and to facilitate training courses towards employment for young people with disabilities, the ADAPT (association for the professional insertion of people with disabilities) and the FEDEEH (Student Federation for Studies and Employment with a Disability Dynamic), offer to extend, with the help of higher education institutions and student associations, the Handicafé© concept within the forums organised by higher education institutions.

A Handicafé© will be put in place on the 1st of February 2018 at the Forum Horizon Chimie. This event, enabled by the Total corporation thanks to their financing, aims to promote interactions between workers with disabilities and potential employers, within the field of Chemistry.

The idea : friendliness and flexibility

The Handicafé© allows candidates and employers to meet and exchange in a friendly environment, over coffee. Two display areas are provided, one for resumes and the other for employment opportunities. Every participant is encouraged to take a look at this information and afterwards meet with potential employers or candidates.

How does a Handicafé© work ?

Candidates display their resumes on a board and employers do the same with employment offers. These displays enable everyone to see the offers and identify people to meet. Once the choice is made, one must look for their target. Intermediaries, called “poissons pilotes” (pilot-fish), are present to guide the participants and facilitate their interaction.

Student Handicafés© organised by the FÉDÉEH

The development of Handicafés© open to young people of a level equivalent to two years of university education or higher, in forums featuring the industry and hosted by higher education institutions, was suggested to the ADAPT association by the FEDEEH. A ratio of participation of 1 employer for every 2 candidates was established. Additionally, the names of the employers are transmitted to the candidates in advance in order to enable them to prepare their interviews, with a strong recommendation to dare meet employers which they believe themselves to be too far from. These Handicafés usually offer candidates a coaching space