Horizon Chimie Dinner


Every year, the Forum Horizon Chimie is followed by a prestigious dinner with future graduates of the organizing schools :  

The Horizon Chimie Dinner
will take place the night of February the 1st 2018 at 7.30pm
at the “Maison des Polytechniciens”,

12 rue de Poitiers 75007 Paris

Who can participate ?

This dinner is an opportunity for students of the four organizing schools to meet the engineers or Human Resources managers of companies which participated in the Forum, in a more friendly atmosphere. Students will be placed with engineers at round tables of about 10 people each, thus facilitating discussion.

How does the dinner take place ?

The “Maison des Polytechniciens” is located about 10 min from the Forum away on foot. The dinner is preceded by a cocktail during which students will be able to start interacting with the engineers and Human Resources managers. The Dinner itself should last until 11.00pm.